About "Privacy Policy"

This policy applies to the collection, processing, utilization and international transmission of personal data involved in the websites, domains, services,and applications provided by TechNews. Only when there is a privacy policy or statement specifically for a specific network or service, the privacy policy or statement will replace or supplement this policy. This policy is also applicable to customers established in member states of the European Economic Area (including companies and residents regulated by GDPR), and includes the processing of services involving member states of the European Economic Area, as well as any personal data related to member states of the European Economic Area.

The purpose, method and scope of data collection

This website is for marketing, consumer protection, consumer/customer management and services and other e-commerce services, accounting management, contract/similar contractual relations or other legal relations affairs, survey/statistics and research analysis, information and database Management and non-public agencies define the purpose of collecting, processing and using personal data in accordance with the law, and collect and process and use your personal data within the scope of the aforementioned purposes.

  • For other fair use situations, please refer to Articles 44 to 65 of the Copyright Law.
  • Works published on the website of this firm and published in the name of the firm, that is, those whose author is the firm, may be reproduced, publicly broadcast or publicly transmitted within a reasonable range.
  • When using, please indicate the source. The information on our website can be reproduced for personal or family non-profit purposes.
Information sharing and disclosure

Unless it is to provide you with the products or services you request, obtain your authorization, or under the following circumstances, this website will not provide or share your personal information with any other person or non-affiliated company:
We provide this information to those who have signed confidentiality clauses to perform business on behalf of this website or to our trusted partners. These companies may use your personal data to help this website communicate with you about the products and services provided by us and our marketing partners.

Information Security

This website will take appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized of data collection, storage, processing practices and security measures, as well as physical security measures to Prevent unauthorized access to the system where personal information is stored on this website. However, the transmission of Internet data cannot guarantee 100% security. Although this website strives to protect the security of your personal data, because the data transmission process involves the.